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​​​​LEADERS WANTED-No experience necessary.

Make new friends and have fun!

"GET INVOLVED" VOLUNTEERS NEEDED in your council upcoming events:​​

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"INTO THE ACTION"Faith in Action-Faith Programs

​Deepen members' sprituality and formation  to combat the crisis of religious faith in our world through instituting men's study group's to read the Apostolic Ehortation into the breach and use copies Into The Breach Booklet (#340) as a resource.​​********************************************************

North Olmsted Council

Scott Metsch
 Grand Knight

North Olmsted Council 4731 has:

  • 1 member with 59 years service   Ray Metsch PGK
  • 17 members with 55 years of Service
  • 30 members with 50 years of service
  • 48 members with 40 years of service
  • 68 members with 30 years of service
  • 111 members with 20 years of service

​​​“We Don’t Just Keep the Faith-​

We Spread the Faith by Support and Service”